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All Things Azeroth #461 – Patchy patchy patchy patch!

Medros, Emma, and Phandeth return to discuss patch 6.2.2, Hellfire completely open, the Mercenary mode, Timewarped Badges, and more Continue reading »

424 – The Instance: Clicking the Cube

On this episode of The Instance, Greg still says things. Blizzard goes big time. Interesting theory about Legion. How infernal are your shrines. Get the pig! To hard getting to the top again. Why T got 70k in gold. 2.3 makes Diablo fans very hap… Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #460 – I Believe I Can Fly!

Medros, Emma, and Phandeth return to discuss the release date of 6.2.2, the launch of the Grand Tournament, why the flight delay happened, and more Continue reading »

423 – The Instance: Macro Transactions

On this episode of The Instance, the movie and the game are not tied together. Get your virtual tickets now. We know all about dat goodie bag, yo. 6.6.6 hits Sept 1st. Some PVP tidbits. Grand Tournament on August 24th. Heroes gets all Monky. Dia… Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #459 – Thanks Greg!

Medros, Emma, and Phandeth return to discuss Medros’ reactions to the Legion announcement, more Legion related interviews, the upcoming Moose mount, and more. Continue reading »

422 – The Instance: Artifact Your Life

On this episode of The Instance, we dive much deeper in to what we know about Legion so far. What is a FlyBaby? You finally get your moose on. New cards coming out today in HS. Kharazim is really really fun. Lets all go to vegas! Wanna work on Di… Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #458 – We are #Legion

Phandeth and Emma are joined by Toasty to discuss the next expansion Legion, the in depth look at Legion from Gamescom, and the recap of Legion at the end of Gamescom, and more. Continue reading »

421 – The Instance: We are “Legion”

Our live episode covering the Legion reveal from Gamescom! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #457 – Let the Gamescom begin!

Phandeth is joined by Toasty and Rho to discuss the upcoming new expansion announcement, farewell to Bashiok, Rob Pardo on the term MMO, and more Continue reading »

420 – The Instance: Live from Nerdtacular 2015

Our LIVE Nerdtacular 2015 Instance episode! With Scott, Turpster, Patrick, Randy, Chris Metzen, and Russell Brower! Continue reading »

Guild List

Name Race Class Level Rank
Vonklomp Worgen Druid 100 2
Zamorae Worgen Warlock 90 2
Kedían NightElf DeathKnight 90 2
Krelven Dwarf Rogue 90 2
Mcnub Dwarf Paladin 90 2
Kerwin Worgen Druid 100 3
Garibaldí Human Mage 90 2
Havverand Draenei Hunter 90 2
Gullinbursti NightElf Priest 85 4
Moaddibe Gnome Mage 100 2
Kaotidl Gnome DeathKnight 83 4
Spaceinvader Draenei Shaman 85 4
Fisebadl NightElf Druid 85 4
Shoab Draenei Shaman 100 2
Dunholm Dwarf Hunter 91 2
Leipreachán Gnome Mage 100 2
Atriedes Human DeathKnight 91 2
Freka Human Warlock 88 2
Manhar Human Paladin 90 2
Klarann Worgen Priest 90 2
Vangeluwe Gnome Priest 90 2
Vánagandr Worgen Hunter 83 4
Screenlicker Worgen Warrior 91 2
Huntenstein Worgen Hunter 84 2
Mixation Worgen Druid 100 1
Fenring Gnome Warlock 91 2
Jethz Dwarf Shaman 94 0