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The Instance 517 – Babius Interuptus

Turps is in the US for GDC, and Patrick is in full baby mode, but here we are anyway! Let’s take a deeper look at the allied races and what blizzard has planned for them in the future. Artifact weapons are going away but also not entirely…we explain…. Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #586 – A Full Moon Rises

Medros, Toasty, and Phandeth return to talk about the many statues made by Blizzard, the physical pre order for BfA, The Witchwood, and more Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #585 – Fantastic Forms and Where to Find them

Medros, Toasty, and Phandeth are back to talk about the new Trial of Style season, the Brawl on the Seething Shore, and more Continue reading »

The Instance 516 – Click The Horse in Your Bag

What is up with that Zandalari moonkin form?? Seething Shore is seething with battleground goodness. Duncan Jones had trouble with Warcraft. A look around blizzard and more! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #584 – Toastyless

Medros and Phandeth are Toastyless while they discuss Warcraft 3 updates, the new WC3 Invitational, WoW MVP Program, and more Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #583 – Getting the Gang Back Together

Phandeth and Toasty return to join Medros to discuss an Dungeons XP hotfix, a hinted at Warcraft event, WoW eSport events, and more Continue reading »

The Instance 515 – It Burns

There are some interesting new insights into the future of Alliance and Horde that we get into today. Item squish is in effect. No more first aid? Looks like it. Year of the Dog gets WoW as well. Is Twitch helping or hurting? All that and more with Sco… Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #582 – Just Say NO to Wrathion

Medros is joined by Frazley and Emma to discuss the newly launched Alpha, the new Shu-Zen mount, Wrathion, of course, and more Continue reading »

Instance 514 – Alpha Males

An alpha landed and we played it so we are gonna talk about it! Lots about allied races, pre-orders, etc. It’s all that and more with Scott and Turps on The Instance! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #581 – March of the Allies

Medros and Phandeth are joined by Van while Toasty is away, discussing contentius datamining, Battle for Azeroth preorders, and more Continue reading »

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