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511 – Who’s gonna save WoW for history?

Druid alts for no good reason. Tuesday is patch day. Unlock those races but know what you need to do. Should warcraft be free? How big is your classes unit? Your emails and loads more! Continue reading »

510 – Forward Momentum

Our end of year listener call-in episode! We talk the past, present, and FUTURE of World of Warcraft! Happy New Year! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #576 – A Winter Veil Story

Phandeth, and Toasty are back to discuss World First Argus, Allied Race Requirements, Winter Veil 2017, and more Continue reading »

509 – Deep Dungeons

Garrett joins Scott today for some talk about what makes dungeon runs so great, and why WoW lost one to the HS team! We know what happens to your weapons now. Antorus 3rd boss is a jerk. What’s happening around blizzard! Your emails and more! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #575 – It�s a Sabotage

Medros, Phandeth, and Toasty are back to discuss mythic progression, raid healer drama with Limit, Ulduar changes coming ahead of Timewalking, Celestalon avoiding blame, and more Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #574 – Scaling the World

Medros, and Toasty are joined by Rho to talk about the 7.3.5 PTR, Level Scaling, New Racials, The Elevator Boss, and more Continue reading »

508 – Antorus for Us

Antorus is live and full of terrors. Can we talk about the sword? Raid Markers have a birthday. Lots of PTR goodness this week. A look around the rest of blizzard, and some great emails to boot! Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #573 – The Seat of Sargeras

Medros, Toasty, and Phandeth are back to talk about the opening of Antorus, Heroes of Lordaeron, Island Expeditions, and more Continue reading »

All Things Azeroth #572 – We’ve got to go back!

Medros, Toasty, and Phandeth return to talk about the Dev Q and A, 13th Anniversary of WoW, Artifacts after Legion, and more Continue reading »

507 – Wrynn Body Spray

We take a break from news this Thanksgiving weekend and sit down with Scott and Turpster and talk about the new expansion in terms of lore and character trajectory. Enjoy! Continue reading »

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